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SplashMax Extra Lite Body Regular Set (4:30) - Go! Dental (Aust) Pty Ltd

SplashMax Extra Lite Body Regular Set (4:30)


Order # SPD1613

SplashMax premium VPS impression material is available in a convenient 1:1 automix cartridge delivery system. Available in 4 high contrast viscosities (Xlite, Lite, Medium and Heavy) and two set times (2:15 & 4:30) cartridges are 50mL each and come with 2 cartridges per package.

SplashMax Highlights:

  • Instant Hydrophilicity
  • Maximum tear strength & elasticity
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Thixotropic consistency and ideal flow properties
  • 4 high contrast colors, 2 set times & 2 delivery options
  • Wild berry scent

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